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Becca Rose
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Welcome to Becca Rose

Love, support and guidance to help you hear the voice of your Inner Knowing.

About Us

Our mission is to bust the myth that you don't know what's best for you. We, as womxn, have been so brainwashed over the centuries to hide our power, to diminish our light and to squash our own clarity and discernment. At Becca Rose our deepest desire is to support you in peeling these learned layers away so your Inner Knowing is right at the tip of your brain and accessible to you, once again, as in days of old (old.... old.... old). We have much work to do, sistxrs, and it starts right here.

Why You Should Join Me

Experience the magick of this remarkable inner-work accompanied by sistxrs from all over the world. Feel this sense of community lift you up and clap their hands bringing you to life like Tinker Bell in Peter Pan.

A Big Thanks

We really want to thank all of our existing supporters and acknowledge you for your contribution. With each member who joins our community we expand our capacity to serve, bringing more and more womxn into the fold, and in effect balancing the scales of the Divine Feminine in our world.

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